Credit despite completed Credit Bureau entry.

A loan in spite of completed Credit bureau entry is requested more frequently than is assumed. Most consumers assume that after the debt has been erased, all traces of it have disappeared. But that is not the case. A settlement remains up to 3 years in the Credit bureau. And that has consequences for borrowing.

Group loans: credit for groups of people in Mexico

Group loans are a type of financial product designed to help realize the entrepreneurship of a group of people, usually women. for a critique The idea behind these types of credits is that people get the means to undertake, and thus help their families financially to have a better quality of life. The financial

Credit without advance payment – of course.

Anyone who takes out a loan knows very well that not only the loan amount has to be repaid to the bank. There are additional costs that can be significantly reduced by a loan without advance payment. What does prepayment mean? Prepayment means that the lender pays for himself before finding a suitable loan. Sold

Flexible loans

  The offer of loans developed by is enriched thanks to tailor-made solutions and flexible tools capable of helping customers realize the various desires in the drawer. Whatever the nature of the project, from the purchase of a car to the need to have additional liquidity to cover some unexpected expenses Personal loans at advantageous

Loan without repayment

Provided by European, state, regional or local bodies, the non -repayable loan represents a particular form of financing without the obligation to repay, in support of new business activities or existing companies that wish to strengthen or consolidate the activity. Intended for categories of subjects who have difficulty accessing traditional financial channels Such as the

Non-interest bearing loan

The non-interest bearing loan is a loan between private individuals which only provides for the repayment of the capital, without the application of interest or other increases. This form of financing, frequent among family members   Does not include costs for opening and managing the file, involves the return of the sum within the timeframe

What does amortization loan?

The term loan in depreciation indicates the loan for which repayment is in progress due to the periodic payment of installments. The amortization schedule of a loan (ie the detailed loan installment plan calculated per installment) is the statement. With reference to each repayment period, indicates the amount of the installment (further broken down into